The new mobile command without touching.

Many people say to add the feature. Gadget or control various devices with audio (voice activation), but big enough to use the actual. Is faced with many problems. The specific request for interpretation of the voice commands to hear correctly. Instead of helping make it easy to quickly slowed further. But technology interfaces that alternative is. Interface that can command without having to touch (Touch Free) but live act as nature of use as the interface (Natural User Interface), we are talking about solutions software EyeSight the use of the camera is. Front phone to detect the movement of mobile users. The company's technology will allow developers to write applications that support the movement of the hand gestures in various Also called gesture control. Example. Users can order the phone. Or mp3 player to play the next song. Search file in the album. Management software or GPS navigation system by waving your hand in front of incoming phone like magic. Exciting sounds good But do not just believe. Or decide that Sure it a worm or seize, as long as not to watch a video clip demonstration of the deposit to the following.

Information from: eyesight-tech.