Viewer2 best free software for view pictures on your PC.

Offers free software that allows a view of the open viewing. And manage images on your computer changes. The only interface to use. As well as how to present file in different ways. Which guarantee that Who does not like. And unique course.

Viewer2 will occupy nearly all of the computer screen in a thumbnail layout. Divided into groups. To be able to drag and drop file transfer and view images easily. The mood is similar to the interface of the Mac's. The icon files. You can drag back and forth quickly. The program will try to sort that pretty. And quick access.

Viewer2 on how to arrange multiple image method. The user can then click a picture to Ea rumor. To move it to a folder that displays the Nation Collection of icons, thumbnails. The user can zoom each Collection to see the Nation. And view each image using the mouse wheel to tell you may not see it clearly can. Try online demo clip using