Drive only, we only open secret.

Ekaehla has said several times that they recommend the program to hide files, folders, friends. Took to use. But some people want to be friends said Ekaehla Find hidden programs to introduce some drives. Estimated that drives this fertile with confidential information. For programs that are helping us Steganos Privacy Suite 2008 ( by you, this program is a program very little money. To try the free, but they can be limited to certain place. Which apply for the free e-mail must be in the Apply and then click on the topic of Test For Free program is to try Steganos Privacy Suite 20. Mr. Ekaehla for skipping a step has been successfully downloaded. After the installation completed. Would open the program. Safe Start, click the icon, click the + button and then click the Next button when found command I want to create a new secure drive, click to select the drive for storage of confidential personal information is new, click Next and then name the drive. private drive, click Next, click Browse button to select the folder for storing files. sle (secret files of the drive), select the folder you want. Then the name of the file. Sle or will adopt the same drive, click Save and Next time we will enter the screen for sizing drives secret. Use your mouse to scroll as you like and then click Next before you set a password. And set the difficulty level, easy to unlock, click Next, the program will create a few minutes drive to our secret. When finished, click Finish program will notice that the drive was set to work. Time to enable friends. Will be open only through steganos program. In addition, Mr. Ekaehla not recommend that you hide a main drive C: because if a problem occurs with the Company tailored recovery time will be very difficult