huawei 1 in 5 among world's best innovations.

Fast Company (Fast Company) monthly business magazine, technology and innovation, the name of the United States. Ranking of the world's top annual innovation by 2553 BC huawei be 1 in 5 of the Phase vice personnel, the Amazon, Apple and Google with huawei is the only company to be ranked. First and top ten power this Law. Magazine Fast Company, also said the strong growth of business huawei year ago as a result of an innovative leader in its focus on customers is key. The magazine Fast Company. Published monthly in March 2553, has written to the head that Owen ย "huawei tech technology has become the AL Alcatel - Blue and Nokia Siemens to make Year 2552 to win the position c You call supplier. New snake of the world's No. 2 product. In the past year. huawei able to balance a number of contracts, increasing the market share of up to two times huawei ". Mr. Richard Zhang, Managing Director Owen header ย Tech technology (Thailand) Ltd. said "huawei always stands by that investment in innovation and research and development is key to our company unique. different from the others. Not just. Commitment to innovation of huawei also shows that Owen is a market-head telecom equipment supplier that can meet the needs of customers with service solutions that are flexible and rapidly responsive to install ". Commitment to bring innovation to the world of telecommunications huawei. Proved by the following statistics. No. 2 in the number of patents. Statistics from the World Intellectual Property Organization (United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization) by the year 2553 huawei the total number of 1847 patent application. In 2553 huawei more than 46% work in R & D. As part of product development and. huawei has a total of 17 research and development and joint research practices in 22 other locations. huawei successfully installed the world's first LTE networks to Nera Hotel Italia Hotel Kuala Oslo, Norway.