Netbook Chrome OS release.

Recently announced a partnership with Verizon (Verizon) in the development of tablet-based Android to hit Ice Pad (iPad) of apple (Apple) last in the sides of the market Netbook Acer (. Acer) has the news out. The company will unveil Netbook operating on Google's Chrome OS at the Computex 2010 to be held in Taiwan from June. Â. This year Acer will launch a new product line that is. Netbook powered by the Chrome OS was released after a collaboration to develop new Netbook with Google adverse Su late 2009 at the same time. Current news that will develop tablet multi touch working with Chrome OS may have to wait and see clear again. With the launch Netbook Chrome OS should explore the market demand preview Represents the time to watch closely both Acer and Google Considering side by Acer. Previous news reports have come out recently that I pad affect the net sales of the Book of the Chrome OS netbook in this timeframe will allow Acer to receive feedback on the market share increase, or do not continue to track each other. Turned to the side view Google News has recently come out that The company will launch the Chrome OS next week. Which may be used in Netbook Acer highlights of this OS as well. I try to follow each that The launch of the two giants will do with the distorted market forces do or not?