Taught using Windows 7 for Beginners

Not sure if that will get started on your new computer, do try to order Getting Started as a firstGetting Started with the menu you can click to access. The basic operation of the first start using Windows mainly to each other. Example. You can back up Sand kg around the new desktop. Transfer files from old computers.Or a group home for sharing files and printers with other PCs in your home.To use additional instructions. Check in the section entitled "Getting Started on Windows Web site. You'll find a video guide for first use. Along with many other items Getting Started is another way to make Windows 7 lets you use a PC faster and easier.Sections on the use desktop Development (GETTING AROUND THE DESKTOP).When you use the Windows 7 for the first time, you may notice several things changed. And many things have been improved from the desktops of the top Windows.Time writer Andy Sweet Windows team will take you to view the changes. Which are important. Improved taskbar Jump List (which is a new way to open the files you use frequently) and learn how to organize an open window on the desktop of your shop.From each of the taskbar.Can see that button on the taskbar is bigger than ever. And cut the letter out to more comfortable more on Windows 7 a total area of the taskbar is where you can freeze programs to be just right-click the program in the Start menu, then click "Pin to Taskbar".Drag the icon of the program or placed directly on the taskbar. When you are finished. You can click a button to open the frozen desired.You also can move the buttons to the taskbar. To sort the buttons as you want. This is one of the changes we know that many people want.To open the file. You may also look for "My Recent Documents" or "Recent Items" in the traditional Start menu, but now we have something better, called Jump Lists.Jump Lists are a short menu. Chuan that you can open the files you use often quickly.Do you remember the right impression that My Recents Documents in Windows XP will displayFiles together without classifying Jump Lists, again, the file you just use the same. But this time will be grouped by program.Just right-click the program button on the taskbar. Click the file you want to open.You also can open a separate window for that program withOpen the file as two files with WordPad, etc. Just click on the name of the program.When you run it successfully. You can click "Close all windows" is.In the Start menu, you will also see the Jump Lists for both programs you can freeze it. (Top here), and the program that you just use Jump Lists are not displayed, but files only. You can open a folder from Windows Explorer with the buttons as well.It also can open websites. The button of web browser you are with.But the most prominent advantage seems to be That you can freeze anything that you use frequently in the fixation Jump Lists To-do list item. The updated every day, to open the Jump List in the program. Point to the files under "Recent" and click the pin.This list will be up to the top. Can easily run up You can change the order or removing something from your frozen items simple. Just click on the pin But do not worry. You have not deleted files. You just remove the file from the list onlyOr you can right-click the file you just use To remove from the list as well.Now you have seen that Jump Lists are one way that helps open the file quickly.Another thing that has been modified from the original is that you can preview files. Open yet.This will help you find the file you want easily. Especially when you open a file multiple files simultaneously.Now, look at the small engine. Here on the desktop called Gadget shop together.This is a tool that you can browse information such as weather or news important to Windows Vista users will notice that before now without the sidebar and then.Gadget, you can place anywhere. But you have to click something before.Right-click the desktop and click shop "Gadgets" and then you can drag-drop any time.When you organize files and folders, open on the desktop shop.When you drag a window open to the edge of the de desktop.You may feel a little surprised. Because this window is attached to the desktop shop already Now try to drag a separate window to one side or the opposite.As soon as the mouse touch the sides of the de desktop. Window will be attached to the inside edge in a manner half the screen. When you drag again. That window will return to its original size. This is useful when want to compare two files file Or to move files between two folders. You can place the document long. Or e-mail to the vertical edges of the reading easier. Just resize the window to the top or bottom of the desktop shop.You also can expand the window to full screen. Window by dragging it to the top of the desktop shop. When you open a window on the desktop shop too. Try different ways to different paragraphs to just a single window.Click at the top of the window. Then shaking the window by dragging the mouse over soon.Other windows. Open to all shortened. When you shake again. Everything will return to the same.